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How to troubleshoot internet to access FLOOR
How to troubleshoot internet to access FLOOR

Troubleshoot internet

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If you are not having a smooth seamless experience on FLOOR, internet speed can one of the most expected reasons.

Due to poor network and internet speed, FLOOR may go sluggish, there might be audio video glitches, you may log out and get disconnected unwantedly.

To avoid these hiccups, we recommend you troubleshoot your internet connection and speed.

The recommended download speed is 8 MBPS.

You can check whether your internet connection is sound or not via troubleshoot icon on top right. If required, you may click on reboot your system by clicking on that tab.

Also, you may optimize your internet speed in a few ways mentioned below:

  • Close all other applications running in the background

  • Place your operating device near your router

  • Turn off any other devices using wifi as this can affect video quality

  • If you need to have 2 devices, keep them separated

  • If your router has an antenna, cover it

  • Change the location of your router

Note: You can check your internet speed by referring to

It will show you result in the below format

Watch the video below for better understanding:

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