Whoa, replace your background on FLOOR to depict your personality and hide your surroundings. One can choose either hand-picked images from FLOOR including office spaces, landscapes and abstract background or can upload one of their own.

We have launched this feature to impact our end users and for their seamless experience.

This feature will enable you to filter out disruptive noises and surroundings.

To change your background, kindly refer to the steps below:

1. Go to XSplit and download VCam (free download) and Run the application

2. Go to Your FLOOR and Click on Troubleshoot option from the top right option

3. In the field "Camera" Select the option XSplit VCam from the drop down menu.

5. Go to XSplit. Select the background image either from the default options or Add, one of your choice by clicking on Add option.

6. Go back to your FLOOR and Join Session.

The selected image will reflect on your FLOOR background in real-time. You can change as many times you want.

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