How to set up Virtual Background

Set up Virtual Backdrop for your screen on FLOOR

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Whoa, replace your background on FLOOR to depict your personality and hide your surroundings.

Replicate your persona, establish your brand recognition, capture eye balls of your audience and turn the audience into your ever following fans with our unique feature of Virtual Background on FLOOR!

Be it a fun or a professional video conferencing, choose your own design or theme backdrop to stand out from a series of similar events.

One can choose either hand-picked images from FLOOR including office spaces, landscapes and abstract background or can upload one of their own.

Method 1

This is an inbuilt feature in FLOOR which can be activated by Premium clients for their panelists and booth owners. To enable the settings, refer to the steps below:

  • Go to Host Dashboard > Settings > Virtual Background

  • Enable both the highlighted fields below:

To change the virtual backdrop on FLOOR, users need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Login to Session, VIP Room or Booth

  • Click on the highlighted icon "Virtual Background" from the footer menu.

  • Select either any of the hand picked image or upload one of your own.


  • This feature is applicable for panelists and booth owners only.

  • You get this feature in Premium Plus and Enterprise plans only. In the Premium Plus Account, you will have only the hand picked images (default templates) while Upload Custom Image feature is in the Enterprise Plan only.

  • The image would look flipped/ reverse/ mirror image to those who have performed the action of changing the background but it would look fine (ideal orientation) to the audience.

    For instance, in the above GIF image, the FLOOR logo is the mirror image. However, to the audience on the front stage it will be a real image.

    METHOD 2

This method will allow users to change their background using an external tool. Any participant, be it panelists, exhibitors or visitors can enable this feature on their screens.

To change your background, kindly refer to the steps below:

1. Go to XSplit and download VCam (free download) and Run the application

2. Go to Your FLOOR and Click on Troubleshoot option from the top right option

3. In the field "Camera" Select the option XSplit VCam from the drop down menu.

5. Go to XSplit. Select the background image either from the default options or Add, one of your choice by clicking on Add option.

6. Go back to your FLOOR and Join Session.

The selected image will reflect on your FLOOR background in real-time. You can change as many times you want.


  • You can also use other similar free applications like Xsplit eg: Camtwist, Manycam and Snap Camera

  • This method can be replicated in any type of accounts.

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