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How to set up Multi-Language Interpretation feature on FLOOR

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FLOOR for anybody and everybody !!

We have launched our much awaited feature of Language Interpretation for our audience, powered by

When the meeting or webinar starts, the host can start the interpretation feature.

Attendees can then hear the translated audio in their language of choice, as well as have the option to mute the original audio.

To activate this feature, kindly follow the simple steps below:

  1. Login to your event FLOOR

  2. Go to Settings option from bottom right of your screen

  3. Select the Session > Settings

  4. Scroll down and enable the option "Audio Interpretation" and Select the Service Provider from drop down menu as "Interprefy"

  5. Enter the Project Key received from Interprefy Team and Save.

  6. In case, you have do not have a project key and an account on Interprefy, create one, by clicking on the link "Get Interprefy Account"

  7. This form will pop up, fill it and Submit.

  8. The Interprefy team would get back to you then and will provide you the Project Key/ Token


Please find the GIF image below for better understanding:

Note: In case, you already have an account on some other audio interpretation service provider, then we can integrate that too on FLOOR.

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