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How to manage session restrictions for attendees
How to manage session restrictions for attendees

How to restrict certain sessions for a particular set of attendees

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To restrict any session for a set of attendees, you can create a ticket type for that session and can assign that particular ticket id to them.

To do so, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Go to Check-ins & Tickets from left panel menu

  • Click on Access & Permission

  • Add Ticket type by clicking on "Create" . You can create as many ticket types as you have the session restrictions.

  • This link will take you to Tickets and Prices. Suppose you want some users to not be able to access to VIP and Booth. Then Click on Free and add Type like Session2 and click on Save.

  • Go back to Access and Permission.

  • Click on edit by Selecting the type you created.

  • Check all those areas for this ticket type which you do not want these set of users to access. This works in reverse cycle. So, in this case above, you would uncheck default "Full Access" and will instead check VIP and Booth/ Expo Area. Now, you may assign Session2 ticket Id to all those users whom you do not want to access VIP and Booth Area.

Kindly refer to the gif image below:

For this feature to work, first you need to import user data which can be seen under category "Assigned Badges"

You can see the users list with assigned badges here. Primarily, they would have default ticket/ badge id. You can change their badge id (ticket type) basis the type of restrictions you want for them.

Note: User may select the ticket type during the time of registration and payment.

Watch this video for better understanding

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