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How to add our own Terms and Conditions of service on FLOOR
How to add our own Terms and Conditions of service on FLOOR

Add your own T&C addendum on Floor

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Terms and Conditions agreements can provide a number of great benefits, such as giving you the right to restrict certain activities on your event and block abusive users. The more the complex your event is, the more the beneficial will T&C be.

Though our platform Terms & Services Addendum is unremovable, still, you can add your own Terms of Use to it as well.

To do so, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Select the Event

  • Scroll down and Go to Website Builder from the left panel menu

  • Go to Content

  • At the end, you will find the Field "Terms of Use" > Settings

  • Here you can enter the content of your own terms & conditions and click on Save & Update

  • Click on Update Settings

  • You can Preview as well from here itself

The link of this Terms of Use will start reflecting on the user login page of the event, in real time.

You may refer to the GIF image below for better understanding:

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