The RSVP registration form for users login, can be custom made by the organizer. To do so, kindly refer to the steps below:

Step 1. Enter the Dashboard and click on Leads > Settings from the left panel

Step 2. Scroll down the Settings page and check the RSVP Registration Form.

Step 3. Click on “Add Question” and type in the field name

Step 4. Select Input file as “File Upload” from the drop down menu

Step 5. Click on the Settings button, below form will pop up

Step 6. Fill up the form below:

Mandatory: If you want it to be a mandatory field, then turn on this toggle

Enable: Turn on this tab to keep the question live/ published

Access: So, we have a feature on FLOOR wherein a user can update the profile after logging in and can exchange his/ her business card with other participants.

By keeping this on Public, the attachments of the users would be visible to all other users who view their profiles from Lobby or through Business cards.

However, as the name says, keeping it on Private, no one will be able to view their attachments in their profile, not even in the business cards

Max number of files upload: Organizer can choose how many files can be uploaded by the user. (The recommended max size is 5 MB for all the files together)

Step 7. Click on Save

To know how the user can upload the attachments, edit them during event and where all would it be visible, kindly refer to this article.

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