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How to use FLOOR on Safari browser
How to use FLOOR on Safari browser

Checks while using FLOOR on Safari

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FLOOR live streaming is built on top of WebRTC, a web browser and mobile application that enables real-time communication like video conferencing. It enables live streaming without the need of downloading any additional code or application.

FLOOR works with all modern browsers that support WebRTC. However, Safari has been found to have issues (as of May 2021).

  • Apple added support for WebRTC with version 11 of Safari (in 2017). Currently version 14 is running.

  • Safari users on new versions have also reported intermittent audio and video problems (Due to the macOS Big Sur update), so if any user faces an issue they are recommended to refresh the page and if the issue persists then switch to a different browser.

All the platforms using WebRTC would face the same challenge, until addressed by Safari directly. This includes but not limited to platforms like Hopin, Whereby, Airmeet, and other similar platforms.

The only alternative is to use a tool which requires all users to download a native application, like Zoom. This bypasses the Safari issue, but is highly limited in case of virtual events.

How we are trying to minimize this issue, while talking to Safari about the possible solution:

  1. Team is continuously working to resolve the above issues at the earliest, meanwhile we recommend users, during the reminder process to use Google chrome which works well with Floor, and can provide seamless experience.

  2. On sign-in, if we identify users to be using Safari, we plan to recommend them to switch

  3. We are introducing automated chat bot to help users facing this challenge. If the problem is identified due to browser, we inform them to switch to a different browser

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