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Organizer Onboarding Videos

All the videos compilation for event organizers/ admins to guide you from scratch till the event ends

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Hey Organizers, let's get started with building and setting up the FLOOR

How to create FLOOR in just 60 seconds

Add more of your team members (Admins) to control & manage the FLOOR

Add Sessions to Your Event

Add Speakers and VIP Rooms

Add Exhibitors and Virtual Booths

Add Your Sponsors

Set up Networking Lounge

Set up User Registration and Ticketing

Managing Session Restrictions and VIP Ticketing

Interaction and Engagement

Manage Your FLOOR Menu Items

Set Up Your Own Helpdesk for Your Audience

Your Dashboard will let you control everything on FLOOR

Branding and Monetization

For more specific features, kindly refer to the respective videos on our YouTube Channel

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