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How to receive immediate notification about leads
How to receive immediate notification about leads

How to receive immediate email notification of leads on the required email id

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On 10times, you have the advantage of promptly receiving notifications regarding potential leads. This means that the platform is equipped to instantly alert you to any relevant and promising opportunities, ensuring that you stay informed and responsive to potential leads in a timely manner.

To get immediate email notifications about your lead, add the required

email id as an event manager to the event. Then set the report frequency to "immediate"

Go to dashboard > Select the event > Go to Access > Event Manager > Add email id (if required) > Set report frequency to "Immediately"

For better understanding, kindly refer to the screenshot below:


Also, please check if the same email id shows report frequency as immediate in your business profile at the company level if you want to receive notifications for all the events.

For this, Go to My Account > Business Profile > Access > Event Managers > Immediate

Watch this video below for further understanding:

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