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Beware of Fake Data Sellers

Do not fall into the trap of data sellers and do not pay to such spammers

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Spamming is a menace across all industries. People running this scam have made it a business, collecting data from various sources and enriching it via tools that provide contact details and reselling it.

10Times is GDPR compliant which strictly follows the policy of not selling any data. Here is our platform data policy document. We do not work with any data sellers or have any association with such companies.

Over the last 5 years, we have encountered countless emails from vendors trying to sell our event data. We believed that they must be getting this from on-ground event registration software sellers. On countless occasions we have informed the event organizers about these vendors and the fake data session process.

These sellers seem to have grown in numbers and become aggressive in approach. With millions of emails floating around the web, it's becoming easier for them to pretend to be selling genuine contact details. Here is a typical email these people send:

Hello ‘Name’,

Your details have been forwarded to me by one of my teammates Julia Collins.

We will deliver you the 1,250 verified contacts from Event Name.

Discounted price: 200 GBP only (Regular price: 399 GBP)

Data Quality and Guarantee terms:

* Each record of the list contains: Contact Name, Email Address, Company Name, URL/Website, Contact No, Title.

* No Duplicate contacts.

* Data that will not be relevant or hard bounce emails will be replaced.

* Unlimited Use: You can use it for multiple campaigns.

* Guarantee of email deliverability is 95%.

* No generic emails or junk emails (like info@, contacts@, sales@)

Let me know your thoughts on this. I can send you the insertion order which includes the payment details.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Recently, we have noticed that these spammers have started using 10Times brand name to gain authenticity. As our platform has grown, these people find it convenient to show a relationship with us to gain trust from vulnerable organizers.

We have undertaken legal proceedings against these companies. Our legal team is monitoring and tracking them down and suing them for using our brand name. We would share more information and copy the legal notice here (for reference).

Meanwhile, kindly do not fall into their trap and pay for such data.

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