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How to host Hybrid Events on the FlOOR
How to host Hybrid Events on the FlOOR

Hybrid Event

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So, it’s time to have a hybrid experience on FLOOR!

Hybrid events are offline events with a virtual version. To capture and target the audience on the bigger picture then one should go for the hybrid option.

Now hybrid is the need of the hour and already this has been welcomed with open arms.

When you want to live feed a physical event to your audience on FLOOR, kindly refer to the steps below:

  • Please make sure that the software of the externally connected camera is properly installed in your system

  • After installation of the software, connect the external camera to the system via a USB port

  • Go to Troubleshoot option, at the top right corner, also highlighted in the image;

  • Select your external camera and microphone from the respective drop-down menu and it is now all set to go live.

  • Now you can display the footage from your offline event directly on your event FLOOR to your online audience.

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