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What are Pro/ Pro+ plans: features & activation
What are Pro/ Pro+ plans: features & activation

The former Premium/ Premium + is now Pro/ Pro+. Know what all is included in the package and how to activate and manage via dashboard

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Difference between Premium/ Premium+ and Pro/ Pro+

Is it just a renaming or is there any difference in the premium+ package we offered before March 2020 and the New Pro+ package?

Earlier we had two subscription plans for oDASH: Premium and Premium+, which were quite confusing and were not completely addressing the needs of our clients. They wanted an option of having a premium service at event level.

With a goal to ensure that the client receives the value for money, we have reworked on our subscription option and renamed it as Pro.

Premium/Premium+ was primarily for using the tools and features we offered in the organizer dashboard. Pro plan includes everything in premium plans plus exclusive advance features

Note: You can rather choose PRO+ plan inclusive of our earlier Premium Plan features, to unlock multiple events. However, if you have limited budget and a single event then you can start with PRO.

Difference between Pro and Gold & Platinum

While Pro is a starter plan for event planners to try out 10times platform and the tools, Gold and platinum are to boost event visibility on the platform, generating more pageviews and leads.

Basically, Gold & Platinum Packages give priority listing to events across the platform. Additionally, our event consultants work with the clients to understand their target audience and help with generating more audience intent.

How to activate your Pro (Basic) Subscription via Organizer Dashboard

  • Go to SERVICES from top menu

  • Refer to Event Level

  • Click on "Click on Add event & Start Campaign"

  • Click on "Enable" highlighted below

  • Select the Event from the drop down menu for which you want to start the campaign

  • Or else Click on "or add new event"

  • Then Click on "SUBMIT & ACTIVATE" as highlighted below

  • Below message would pop-up to seek your confirmation, Select OK

  • Immediately your services would activate and will show as below:



  • With Pro plan you get BASIC subscription as complementary, which is restricted and meant for hosting online events on our virtual platform, FLOOR

  • To learn more about BASIC plan, please refer to this link. And, you can manage your BASIC listing by referring to this guide

  • To seek support for your Pro/ Basic services, you may write to or you may also schedule a quick call with our support team via this link.

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Did this answer your question?