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How to create VIP conference room on Floor
How to create VIP conference room on Floor

Create a private conference room for your VIPs with restricted access to other attendees

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Through our events and conferences, often, we need a private room where a set of our VIPs can have a virtual meeting among themselves in a private room. To address this requirement, FLOOR has a feature of having a VIP Room with restricted access to a set of people.

How to Add/ Create VIP Room

You can create a VIP room in the VIP Area via Floor or oDash both.

Kindly follow the below steps to create a VIP Room.

1. Go to the VIP section from left hand panel

2. Click on Add Room as highlighted below

3. You will directly be landed on your oDash in the Room & Layout section

4. On the top menu, click on VIP Room.

5. Here you can add a VIP Room by clicking on "+". You can choose the number of Rooms you want to add. And then click on Create button. Refer to the screenshot below:

8. A new VIP Room will be created. To view the VIP Room, Click Enter Room button.

9. You will now land on the Floor in the VIP room.

How to Edit VIP Room

On the right side, you will see various features available for audience engagement.

Under that is the Room settings button, through which you can modify your room as per your requirements. Herein, information of the VIP room can be edited, Number of Meeting Rooms can be edited, Settings can be changed and you may also personalize your room. Refer to the GIF image below.

Note: VIP Rooms look and function in a similar way as Booths on Floor

How to Add VIPs to the Room and Share their Unique Invite Links

To add Speakers/ VIPs to the VIP room, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Organizer Dashboard > Floor > Room & Layout > VIP Room

  2. Select the VIP Room (Click on the Room Name, not on "Enter")

  3. It will redirect to its Room Settings from where you may edit the Room and can add Speakers/ VIPs and share their unique invite links

    It functions similar to Agenda & Session settings

Kindly refer to the GIF image below for better understanding

How to Delete a VIP Room

To delete a VIP Room, again refer to the Room Settings on Floor (blue settings icon on bottom left) and Click on "Delete Session" as highlighted below.

Kindly refer to the below-given video for a better understanding.

Hope this article helps!

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