How to Share & Invite your event on Floor

The Share & Invite Button helps you to add more audience and Invite more people to the event with various options available.

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Enhance your Floor by sharing your event on all your social channels and inviting more people to your event. Share & Invite feature will allow you & your audience to invite more people to sessions, booths and lounge, from within the event or from across the globe!

When we login to FLOOR , you will be able to see on the Top Right a connect button, Which will help you Invite people from the login page to the Event.

The different options available throughout the platform are :

Social Media Channels:

  • Facebook.

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • WhatsApp

  • Telegram

You can alternatively copy event link and sent it to a private e-mail id or message.

There is also an option to invite audience through email directly by entering the Email address of the user, the option to compose a personal email is also facilitated.

Share and Invite within FLOOR.

When we move to different interaction sections of FLOOR , there are options to invite audience within the FLOOR to a particular section and more users from outside the event to FLOOR event.

On the bottom right the Share & Invite button is placed, With this option you will be able to Invite users very similarly to the Login Page.

The added option inside the event is " Invite to Join" which helps to invite users from within the event to different sections like Lounge, Session or Exhibitor Booth.

Cherry on the top is our Photo Booth feature with which you will be able to take Selfies of attending the particular session, booth or lounge and post on social media to get more engagement and let more users know about the Event.

The Multiple areas where share and Invite is available:




On each area the following buttons will be found:

Kindly refer to the video below for better understanding

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