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Boast up Attendee Engagement and track their activity score to offer gifts, appreciation or boost them to participate actively in your event

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Want more insights about attendee behavior and engagement at your event? Good news! We just added a new feature to help!

Leaderboard is a new feature introduced in the 5.3 Version of FLOOR.

Well, the numbers donโ€™t lie. They present the most honest picture of how successful your event was.

With Lead Score & User Journey, you can now gain insights about individual attendee engagement at your event based on the activity score in the Leaderboard. This new feature will help you to keep track of the top users navigating and engaging at your event.

This Feature can be activated by the admin from the Admin Dashboard on FLOOR.

Step 1: Go to the Admin Dashboard on FLOOR.

Step 2: Select "Set Up" as shown below.

Step 3: Under "Set up" on the left side choose Sections/ Layout. After choosing sections/Layout you will see the Leaderboard option as highlighted in the below image:

Step 4: Click on "Leaderboard". You will see an " Open Leaderboard" option.

Step 5: Click on the "Enable" option. Your "Leaderboard" will be enabled.

Please refer to the below GIF for a better understanding:

Once activated it appears on the left side of your stage ๐Ÿ† as seen in the below image:

Now how do we know which participant (attendee) used Floor most and how do we define them as TOP rankers?

Here is the answer, for each area on FLOOR there are secret points allotted to the participant. The following list shows the engagement activities basis which points are given. The user who is most actively participating will be top-rated, followed by 1st and 2nd runner-up on Leaderboard.

Below is the criterion to allot the points-

  1. Lounge Table: Join a Table in the Lounge 10 Points are given only once.

  2. Stage Session: Join a session and spend at least 5 minutes to seek 10 points.

  3. Lobby: Connect with any user via one-to-one messages per user. 1 point will be given on each connection with a new user, up to a maximum of 10 points.

  4. Joining event: As soon you join the event and enter the Floor, you get 10 Points.

  5. Social Wall/ Community Wall: Post a comment, question, poll, or media to get 10 more points.

  6. Booth: Join the Meeting room in any booth at 10 points. (Has to be in Meeting Room but Wait for the Room)

  7. Share Event Link: Share the event on Social Media 10 Points.

  8. Invite a user via Email: 10 points.

NOTE: Maximum points can be up to 10 in any one area.

With the above logic, the most active users will be positioned in the top three places on the Leaderboard. Hence, you can share prices or recognition with your attendees using this exclusive feature.

Please refer to the below-given video for a better understanding.

Hope this article helps you!

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