How to rehost your Floor?

How to clone your Floor if the similar event has to be hosted again

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We would never want our prestigious clients, to rework and feed all the existing data again for their similar events . Therefore, in order to avoid redundancy and save time & energy, we have deduced three cases in which you may rehost your Floor.

Case 1: When event is over and similar event to be hosted again

Let's understand a use case. An event, "Connecting Opportunities" dated March 1st to March 3rd 2022 was hosted on Floor. Now, again same conference, "Connecting Opportunities" is to be held from June 1st to June 3rd 2022. In this case, we will simply login to our organizer dashboard, select the same event and will just modify the dates to the latter, new upcoming dates. The system would ask us if we want to rehost it as a new edition. We will select it as Yes. And, if we want to keep the past data same like Tickets & Prices, Exhibitors, Sponsors and Agenda. Then we may select those fields and Submit.

Now, the event will be cloned keeping selected basic information intact, if required.

However, we will need to personalize the Floor sessions, booths, Floor map etc. again.

Thus, the floor set up has to be done again including handouts upload, welcome videos, stage banners etc.

Case 2: When subsequent dates of an event are known and they are added as Future Dates

Let's say, our event "Divinity Workshop" is on 20th April, 30th April and then 10th May. So here, the dates are pre-decided and known. Therefore, we can add them as Future Dates on the event Overview page. So that once the current edition gets over, the system automatically rehosts the event floor with the next dates.

The data like Agenda, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Tickets & Prices etc will also remain intact.

However, the floor set up has to be done again including handouts upload, welcome videos, stage banners etc.

Please Note: However, we recommend that this option should be used when your next edition of the event is at least two days away from the current one. Because the system takes at least two days to review and rehost the event. Otherwise, kindly rehost the event manually following the case 1, shared above.

Case 3: When event has subsequent similar editions and the complete data and floor set up needs to be kept intact.

For instance, we have an event "Connecting Opportunities" on 31st March 2022, then same event will be held every month till one year. But, the next edition of the event is on 15th April 2022. In this case, we will refer to the listing on the event last date of the ongoing edition, after the event gets over, but before the next day starts. So, anytime before 12 am on 31st March itself. First we will edit the End date to 15th April and Click on submit. Then we will edit the Start date to 15th April and Click on Submit.

Please refer to the GIF below for better understanding.

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