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The social wall on Floor for audience engagement and sharing ideas and thoughts.

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Floor encourages and enhances user experience by providing a variety of networking and engagement options.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced a new feature for our interactive audience “Community Wall”. To make FLOOR more engaging and provide different ways how you can express your thoughts by commenting. sharing and liking another's posts.

Go to Floor and on the left panel, you will find the "# " Community wall icon.

(Highlighted in the below image).

Click on the "#" and you will see the Community wall as shown below.

The first is discuss tab is available, you can simply write and publish it. People can like and comment on it. To put up a question, you can click and post a question if you wish to know the answer from the audience.

Write the statement that you wish to discuss with other people and click on the Publish button highlighted in yellow in the below image.

You will see your content got published and now people can like and comment on this as you will icons in red highlights.

Comments from other people on your statement will be shown as highlighted white in the below image.

You can create polls and provide them with relevant options to answer. The audience can answer and see the results of the polls.

Sharing an image through Media, along with the caption/message that best describes this. People can comment on this and like as well.

Note: All these posts can be archived by the organizer if they wish to hide them from their audience.

In order to archive any post click on the three dots as highlighted in yellow in the below image.

You need to click on "Archive " and your post will be achieved immediately.

On the right panel, you can refer to the community guidelines highlighted yellow for using the Community wall. Additionally, active users' lists and sponsors' logos are featured (highlighted red)

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