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How to add a Speaker via Partners Dashboard.
How to add a Speaker via Partners Dashboard.

Add speakers to attract more delegate acquisition and lead turn out rate.

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Events are monotonous without interactive discussions or sessions. In order to market any event highlighting speakers is an integral part.

By promoting the speakers and topics in which they are going to give their valuable insights and going to have a knowledgeable session we are actually attracting more and more potential attendees, exhibitors, and delegates.

Let's see how you can add the speakers that are going to be displayed on your event page.

Step 1: Select the event from the Partners Dashboard for which you want to add speakers to it.

Step 2: In the content section you will find speakers as shown below:

Step 3: Click on "Add speakers" to add a new speaker.

You can change the order of the speakers as well.

Click on a change order button and then you can drag and drop as per your event schedule after arranging the order click on the save button.

(Refer to the below image)

Step 4: Fill in the required details of the speaker and click on "Submit".

Step 5: You can now see the speaker that you've added under the speaker section.

From here you've filters available as shown below for different functions.

How to add speakers to the sessions in Agenda.

Step 1: Under content click on "Agenda & Schedule" shown below:

Step 2: Select the session to which you want to add a speaker too.

Step 3: Click on "+ Add speakers, Moderator, Host" fill in the required detail and click on submit button. (Refer to the below images).

Step 4: Now the speaker will be added to that particular session.

In the below image you can see the highlighted "Share and Copy" button.

The Speaker link can be shared by clicking on the "Share" button and you can copy the link by clicking on the "Copy" button to join as a speaker directly.

By clicking on the share button you can directly email the speaker link to the speaker. This will be secured in their inbox.

(Refer to the below image.)

By clicking on the copy button speaker link will be copied and you can paste this directly on your browser or wherever you want to share this,

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