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As we all know logos & banners are the face of any event and serve as their identity to it. By adding more images, you attract audiences and exhibitors with similar interests and professions.

Your overall, event visibility will be enhanced leading to getting quality leads.

Kindly find below the areas from where your documents can be uploaded.

Step 1: Select the event whose (Logos & Banner) documents you wish to upload or update.

Step 2: Click on Content under this you will find photos & Docs shown below.

Step 3: Click on the Photos & Docs, you will find 4 sections here, Banner & Cover, Photos, Videos, and Documents.

In order to boost your event visibility, all these 4 segments need to fill.

Note: According to our image guidelines, the background image should not have any text related to events like event edition, dates, contact details, or event name. Even for the event logo apart from the event name, anything else should not be mentioned.

(A) Banner & Cover

Background Image and Logo

  • You will see the background image behind the logo as highlighted (Red) and Logo in the yellow highlight image below.

Recommended Image size

Banner - 1375px X 222px
​Logo : 160X160 px

(Image size should not be more than 1MB.)

  • Scroll down you will see Hi-Resolution App Icon and Hi-Resolution App Banner.

  • These two images you can see in our 10times App downloaded on your phone.

The red highlight is the App banner and the yellow highlight is the App Icon.

Recommended Sizes

App Banner - 1024px X 500px
​App Icon - 512px X 512px

(B) Photos

  • You can upload your event creatives and banners.

  • Past edition pictures can be added here to give a glimpse of your event to your attendees.

Note: Please make sure to upload in the formats and size given.

(only jpeg, jpg & png formats of up to 10 MB size allowed)

(C) Video

Add your event videos link here. Only youtube and Vimeo links are recommended.

( Shown in the below image)

On the event page under photos, you will find the photos and videos that you've uploaded from oDash. (Shown in the below image).

(D) Documents

You can add any brochure, pamphlet, or any other document that you wish to share with your attendees.

Note: Only Pdf format is allowed.

We require 3 more images for premium subscription plans and their sizes are 810x450, 770x770, and 650 x 250 pixels and which we use in emailers and banners.


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