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How to upload and remove photos, documents, and banners via Partners Dashboard
How to upload and remove photos, documents, and banners via Partners Dashboard

In order to get good lead conversion, upload your event's logos and pictures to influence your potential attendees and delegate.

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Please refer to the below-given steps.

Step 1: Select the event whose (Logos & Banner) documents you wish to upload or update.

Note: Kindly make sure to upload in the given sizes and dimensions.

Step 2: Click on Content under this you will find photos & Docs shown below.

Step 3: Click on the Photos & Docs, you will find 4 sections here, Banner & Cover, Photos, Videos, and Documents.

Note: In order to boost your event's presence you need to fill in all the 4 sections mentioned above.

Step 4: Banner & Cover

Both images are very crucial as these are shown on the top of the page and act as a face of your event, making the first impact on the viewers. Make sure to make it more impressive and impactful.

  • To upload a banner you need to simply click on the "Upload" blue button.

  • These can be removed by clicking on the "Remove" button highlighted in Red in the below image.



This will be shown on 10times page as given in the below image. The image highlighted in yellow is the Event Logo and the red highlights the banner image.

Step 5: App Icon and App Banner

  • Scroll down you will see Hi-Resolution App Icon and Hi-Resolution App Banner.

  • These two images you can see in our 10times App downloaded on your phone.

  • In the above image as you can see the "Upload" blue button and "Remove" in red highlight to remove and upload the images.

Step 6: Photos

Adding photos or images of your event will give attendees a better picture of your event. This also shows the success of the past editions.

Under "photos" images & videos highlighted in the below image are shown.

  • You can upload your event creatives or more posters and banner.

  • Past edition pictures can be added here to give a glimpse of your event to your attendees.

(only jpeg, jpg & png formats of up to 10 MB size allowed)

Note: Please make sure to upload in the formats and size given.

  • You can "Drag & Drop" files or you can browse with your computer.

  • In order to remove the uploaded pictures, you need to click on the bin icon. Highlighted in the above image.

Step 7: Video

  • Add video links only youtube or Vimeo links you can add here.

    ( Highlighted in yellow in the below image)

  • Clicking on the "Bin" icon will remove the video that is uploaded. (Red highlight in the above image).

Step 8: Documents

Uploading brochures, registration, and exhibitor forms help your audience participate in your event.

  • You can add any brochure, pamphlet, Floor plan, or any other document that you wish to share with your attendees.

  • You can "Drag & Drop" files or you can browse with your computer highlighted in yellow in the below image.

  • This can be removed by clicking on the "Bin" icon highlighted in red.

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