10times brings an option for organizers to explore exhibitors globally and connect with them directly. You can find your potential exhibitors by filtering them by target regions, target products and target industries.

Step 1: Click on Marketing & Campaign" from the left panel.

Step 2: By clicking on the Exhibitor Discovery option, you will come across the below page:

You have 3 filters available here to apply in order to search your exhibitors.

1. Preferred Industries - You need to choose the industry from the drop-down that is best suited to you or most relevant. ( Refer to the below GIF).

2. Search Products - You can type and search keywords, to target your exhibitors.

3. Preferred Country - Countries that you want to target or push for your event.

Step 3: After using the above three filters, then you will click on the "Apply" button as shown in the below image:

You will see the results (exhibitors), by applying the filter.

Step 4: Here you have the " Contact " button to send an inquiry to the respective exhibitor as shown in the below image.

Step 5: By clicking on the contact button, a pop-up will appear and here you can send your customized message.

Note - 10 credits will be charged for contacting one exhibitor.

You can always buy more credits by clicking on the "Add Credits" option.

Step 6: After drafting your message, Just click on "Send Enquiry". Your message will be sent to the respective exhibitor.

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