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Messages - how to reply to users' messages via Dashboard
Messages - how to reply to users' messages via Dashboard

Now solve your potential antendees' queries through oDash

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You can instantly answer their queries and concern and chat with them through oDash.

There are 2 ways from where such queries may get triggered and your potential attendees may message you.

Case 1

You will receive messages from the potential attendees who click on the "Ask Organizer " button mentioned on your event page as shown in the below gif:

Case 2

  1. Potential attendees when clicking on the " Interested "button on your event page as shown in the below image :

2. After clicking on the "Interested" button they will land on the Thank You page and from there also they can click on the "Ask organizer" button as shown in the below image:

3. They will send their queries in the format below.

Let's find out how you can connect with them and address their concern.

Step 1: Log in to your Partners Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the event for which you want to see messages and revert to the potential audience.

Step 3: Click on the "Messages" you will find on the left panel:

Step 4: You will see the queries or messages of the potential exhibitor/visitor or sponsor.

Click on the "Reply" button as highlighted in the image in order to send replies to your visitors or exhibitors:

Step 5: Here you can see a chat box, where you can chat with your potential visitor or exhibitor.

Simply type your message and send it by clicking the highlighted icon in the below image:

Note :

  1. Ask organizer option will be shown after only when a user clicks on the interested button or Request a booth.

  2. Only admins can view the messages and reply to these messages.

Kindly watch the below video for better clarity:

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