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Optimize branding from Floor dashboard
Optimize branding from Floor dashboard

Let organizers know what all options have been optimized for Branding of their event on FLOOR

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The Branding option helps to make the organizers aware of how much branding in the different areas of the Virtual event has been done and what more could be done by highlighting Logos & Banners, uploading videos, featuring partners, sponsors, exhibitors etc.

To know how kindly follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Floor Admin Dashboard.

  • Go To the Branding option - Here you may see in percentage for each option, how much branding is already done and how much is yet to be updated.

  • Session Intro Video:

    This helps in session branding by adding session welcome videos, they can be session specific if all sessions are to have the same you can choose the option of enabling bulk upload. (Max Video upload size 100 MB and format MP4 ).

  • Lounge Logo:

    This helps in uploading the Logos at one go to all the Lounge Tables.

    (Max size 1 MB, Format png jpeg)

  • Background Skin:

    This helps in adding background skin to the event at once, to all the sessions.

    (Max size 2MB, Format png jpeg)

  • Landing Page Banners:

    This helps in uploading the landing page banner, which appears while logging in on the event by any user.

    (Image Size : 1024px X 500px)

  • Photo Booth Branding:

    This helps in uploading the photo booth frame, in which one can take pictures & upload them on social media channels about attending the virtual event on FLOOR.

    (Max Upload Size: 2MB)

  • Custom Event URL:

    This helps in creating a customized URL for FLOOR which helps in the unique identification of the event URL when shared.

    If using URL (Min 5 and Max 15 characters allowed.)

    If using the Custom Domain option please do the required DNS Settings.

  • Homepage Signage:

    This helps in adding the Link & Logo of the sponsors which you wish to show on FLOOR , when clicked by a user it will redirect them to the respective desired webpage.

    Hope this article helps and admins can make full use of the Branding Feature.

    Happy branding and happy virtual event hosting!!

Kindly refer to the below-given video for a better understanding:-

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