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Feature your Sponsors in an exclusive way where they will be getting major exposure.

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Homepage Signage is an exclusive value-adding feature that helps in adding the Link & Logo of the sponsors which you wish to show on FLOOR, when clicked by a user it will redirect them to the respective area on the FLOOR.

This feature gives an extra advantage to the Sponsors to get highlighted with a specific webpage landing option.

Admins can also use it for other purposes, for eg:

  • Booths/ Tables marketing & promotion

  • Sponsor highlight

  • Branding

  • Redirecting to organizer's website

  • Event Website

  • Information

To enable this feature, for your event, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Go to the FLOOR Event.

STEP 2: Go to Admin Dashboard.

STEP 3: Choose Branding

STEP4: Enter the Icon of the company & website link.

STEP 5: Check the placement of the hyperlink - Check the FLOOR option wherein you will find the Icon redirecting to the webpage.

Please refer to the below given 2 respective GIFs.

Please refer to the below image for reference.

To get a better understanding please refer to the below given video.

Hope this article helps, Happy FLOOR Event hosting!!

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