Digital Handout Bag

Handout Bag is like a shopping cart on Floor. Save all viewed documents and business cards for future reference

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Digital Handout Bag

There is a digital handout bag link at the top right of the Floor screen. All the handouts uploaded at the event level and viewed from any session (session level) would show here. You can manage the handouts from here as well.

Users can view Handouts in the Digital Handout Bag and can Mail them to their Inbox:


  • You can upload files (pdf., jpg., png. and mp4 videos) of up to 6MB in size

  • You can upload handouts session-wise by selecting the reference of the particular session.

  • Booth owners also have the same process of uploading Handouts.

  • The session-level handouts once viewed/ downloaded by the users, also get reflected in their Digital Handout Bag. Also, they can mail them directly to their inbox.

For more information, you can refer to this article.

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