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Marketing Campaign- Find Your Target Audience
Marketing Campaign- Find Your Target Audience

A tool that allows you to discover your target audience based on your preferred audience profile, industry, or geography.

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How to filter your market-size audience

With the suggested marketing strategy in place, this feature will target the right audience for your event.

You can filter your audience by preferred industries, preferred countries, reachability goals, and by their preferred location.

Audience Profile

You can find your sample audience (given their profile relating to your event) by filtering your preferred industries, preferred countries, and reachability goals from the given drop-down options and clicking APPLY

(Please refer to the below-given image).

Note: As per your reachability goals, a marketing plan is suggested to you


With your target industry, keywords, and preferred location, determine your market size audience.

Note: You can add up to 2 preferred industries and add keywords up to 5.


Get a tentative market size (spread) for your audience in your target region.

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