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Get Creative with Multiple Session Types: Sessions/ Roundtables/ Breakout Rooms
Get Creative with Multiple Session Types: Sessions/ Roundtables/ Breakout Rooms
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For the longest time, we have been hearing our clients talk about how limiting it is to create only one type of session. No platform was giving them option to easily create different types of session.

Can you imagine going to a hotel/venue/convention center and being told you can only do one type of session?

Well, no more boring one-size fits all session. FLOOR now allows you to create 3 types of session and best part, you can mix and match. Here are options:

a. Classic Conferencing:

This is the type you are most aware of. Classic sessions with keynotes, panel-discussion, pre-recorded sessions, etc. Best of the usual information delivery, award shows, discussions, etc.

b. Roundtables:

Want to have selective, small-group, invite only group discussion? Do it with Roundtable (session type). Best for workshops, trainings, and other session types where you need to bring in 15-20 people.

c. Speed-Dating/ Breakout Rooms:

Yes, now you can unshackle the boredom and surprise your audience with a mix of speed-dating or networking session type. Simply select this type of session, no. of tables needed, define duration, customize if needed, and you are done. In this session, when the audience joins, they automatically get assigned to tables (with system algorithm driven matching

How can I control this speed-dating / breakout room session?

a. Shuffle - Assuming you want to move all audience every 5 mins to introduce them to other people, just use the shuffle feature. If would notify the users and give them 30 secs to finish the conversation. Then, it would go ahead and automatically match them with other users and place a new set of users on each tables.

b. Break - Want to do a long networking session? You can take a break and come back to the networking session

c. End Session - You can end the networking session and send the user back to another session, for example, a panel discussion.

So what are you waiting for? Create your sessions today. Have a different session format idea? Let us know.

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