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Match Me - Break the Ice and Drive networking
Match Me - Break the Ice and Drive networking
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What a professional event is without some quality networking? A few call them boring webinar and others refer to it as YouTube recording.

Don't let you event become a boredom, a one-way information gathering platform.

Your community members want to network and we need to make it super easy to get them moving.

While members can be proactive and self-initiate networking, still, at times they need a little bit of a push. With 'Match-me', FLOOR aims to provide this push to break-the-ice.

How does Match-me work?

Well quite simple! When users login, we get their basic profile information. When they go the lounge/networking space, they can select 'match me' and get auto-matched with other users sitting on networking tables.

System considers their background information and tries to provide a match to help them get started.

This works best when there is a reasonable number of people available for networking.

In case, there is no-one in the lounge, they would be assigned an empty table and be asked to wait, until more people join in and are available for matching.

Having analyzed millions of matching data, our algorithm is an intelligent tool that tries to predict which connects are most likely to result in good conversation and deliver value to the user.

However, as each event is unique, the system learns and improves as more and more people network in the event.

Go ahead, use Match Me in your next event and open doors to easy networking.


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