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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to a quick Q&A about the dashboard and your marketing campaign

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Below you will find answers to the most common questions, from the Organizers.

  1. How to get an immediate lead notification?

  • To get notified immediately once a fresh lead registers, log in to the dashboard and click on user access.

  • Add the desired email id on which you want to receive the notifications, as Event Manager

  • Set the report frequency to immediately from the drop-down option

  • (Please refer to the below-given image)

2. How can I reach out to the prospects?

  • Go to Leads > Manage All Leads from the left panel.

  • You will see a separate section on the top, Prospects. (Users who viewed the event page but did not register for your event)

  • There is also an option to contact and send them invites separately and for that 2 credits are charged per invite.

3. How many attachments can be shared under custom/promotional email?

Only one attachment can be shared at a time under a custom/promotional email. (Please refer to the below-given image)

4. No option to submit the event, how to proceed?

When setting up the format of the event, add the rest of the details related to the event, and it will further let you proceed to launch the event. (Please refer to the below-given image)

5. How can I view my event listing on 10times?

  • On the 10times page, you can search for your event manually or by category to view your event listings on our page. (Please refer to the below-given image)

  • For paid campaigns (on which promotion is going on), click on your preferred event category, and you will land on the 10times event listings page. (Please refer to the below-given image)

  • Further, you can filter out the events by their dates, location, etc. to view their promotional postings on the 10times platform. (Please refer to the below-given image)

6. What is the difference between Hot Leads, Warm Leads, and Prospects in the Leads section?

  • Hot Leads - Those people who have shown interest and answered the custom questions.

This shows that they are eager to engage in this particular event. The chances of getting a positive response from them are high.

  • Warm Leads - People who have partially answered the custom questions. They are interested but not fully showed their intent regarding the event.

  • Prospects - Potential audience who have landed on your event listing page and not registered yet. So these people are having high potential.

You can contact the prospect by sending them an email.

Note: To contact a prospect lead, two credits will be charged.

7. Where can I see my Newsletter impressions?

On the dashboard, in the left side corner under the ''Analytics'' button, click the drop-down ''Audience Overview'' and then ''Placement'' to find the newsletter analytics.

There are multiple channels from where audiences interact under the same tab.

โ€‹8. How to add custom questions?

  • On the dashboard under the ''Registration & Ticket'' feature, the registration form setting is set up by the organizer for the registrants.

  • The Custom field heading is where the organizer can set preferable custom questions for the registrants who register for the event and fill up the form.

  • The organizer can set the custom question as Mandatory and Enable or disable it as per their discretion.

  • Input type is the type of question the organizer wants to set as, for example; Text, Select box, Multi-select, or file upload.

(Please refer to the below-given image)

Please note: File upload has only 1 file to upload at a time.

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