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What's New on FLOOR
What's New on FLOOR
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Host Various Types of Sessions
Create Your Own Community
Optimized Banner Upload Process
Custom Questions Display Access
Improved Community Wall Visibility
Change Session Date and Time Directly from FLOOR
Session Description Now Available In Community Mode
Update Speaker Emails Directly From the Dashboard
View Visitors List on Booth Listing Card
Get Event Venue Details On The Dashboard
Automated Meeting Notification Via Email
Updated Community Wall Widget Design
Sponsor Title on 3D FLOOR Map
Upload Virtual Background In The Branding Section
Session Redirection Time Reduced
New Admin Dashboard on FLOOR
Copy Speaker Invite Link Directly From FLOOR
Redesigned Community Mode
Upgraded & Intuitive Chat Icon
Share & Invite From The Community Page
Networking Lounge Revamp
Auto-apply Logo, Name, and Seat Count To All Tables
Build Your Audience With A Single Click! ๐Ÿš€
Watch Party Is Now Live! ๐Ÿ“บ๐ŸŽ‰
Mute Attendees within the Networking Lounge
Q&A Access During Speaker Presentation
Session Playback in Preview Mode
Virtual Background on Tables
Boast up Attendee Engagement and Track their Activity Score With LEADERBOARD
Q&A Access During Speaker Presentation
Remove Any Speaker From The VIP LOUNGE
Upload Speaker PPTs In Advance
Get Complete Session Details in Community Mode
View Other Panelist Video During Screen Sharing
Session Redirection Alert Message
"Preview" In "Community" Mode
Wide Screen Handouts View
Session Intro Videos Under Branding List
Black Cards When All Rooms Are Not Open
Welcome Page Template Selection
Mute Incoming 1-2-1 Calls While Attending Sessions
FLOOR Welcome Guide For User
Message Window on Booth Entry
3D Homepage View
View Joined User Image in Booths
Enhanced Mobile Layout 3.0
Monetization & Branding Progress Bar
System Check Option on the Login Page
Exhibitor Booth Walkthrough
Group Handouts In Different Sections
Backstage/Live Sign Update
Share Event Link Across Social Channels
Progress Bar In The Branding List
Access Speaker Profile & Video Directly in the Panel
Handout Bag in Mobile
Emoticons For Speakers/Admins
Custom Message: Open/ Closed Floor Message
Get Creative with Multiple Session Types: Sessions/ Roundtables/ Breakout Rooms
Match Me - Break the Ice and Drive networking
Individual User Chat functionality in Booths
Push your important Handouts to the top
Booth Set up Progress Bar
Screen Optimization in Booths
Video on Floor Map
Speaker Thumbnails on Session Card on Stage
View Visiting History in the Booth
Reaction Emoticons
One-to-One Meeting in Lobby
More Options in Virtual Background
More Templates for Photo Booth
Users Can Report Issue on the Login Page
Search Option in Lobby & Booths
Virtual Backdrop on FLOOR
Pre-Schedule Meeting With Exhibitors
Add Attachments to the Registration Form
Add your own T&C
Direct Help Center Links
Set Your Own Landing Page
Showcase Sponsors in Event Emailers
Create Duplicate Event/ FLOOR
Video Streaming Quality - HD/ LD
Booth Management Revamped
Advance Analytics Revamp
Find Organizers with their respective Badge Tags
Check the User Profile Directly Before Messaging
More Options in Lounge Tables
Check-In Validity
Go Live with Pre-recorded Video
Set up Virtual Backdrop for your screen on FLOOR
Get Complete Session Details in Community Mode
View Only Option For Handouts