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How do I highlight my best reviews for my Event?
How do I highlight my best reviews for my Event?

Reply and highlight your best reviews and push to the top. Collect more reviews from your existing leads

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Reviews from the users or visitors helps you to understand the popularity of the Event in the market and also helps the other visitors to take the right decision in attending that Event.

Feedbacks give the visitors the right picture of the Event whether positive or negative, so we do not have an option to delete them. However, you can reply to the visitor review and mark it as Spam if it is illegal/fake. Check out the tips here how you can respond to the reviews from the users.
Also, as a Premium/Premium+ Subscriber we give you a chance to highlight your best reviews and show them in the top four of all the feedbacks.

Follow the process below to push your reviews and feedbacks to the top in your Dashboard:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard account and click on 'Events' from the dashboard. Select the desired Event to manage the reviews.

Step 2:  At the left side bar select 'Feedback' from the Event dashboard.

Step 3: The Feedback page will appear where all the ratings and reviews of the users will be written. (for all the editions).

Click on the Highlight button (in the red box) upto 4 best reviews. This will make your reviews appear on the top of all.

You can also opt to increase your feedback count by simply scheduling a feedback mail to your attendees from Dashboard.

Step 4: Click on 'Collect More Feedback'  from Feedback Page.

It will lead to the Communication page, where you can schedule feedback mail/sms/call as per your convenient date and time (as per IST).

Please Note: We do not allow the option to delete any comment however in case if you feel the review is off topic or speaking anything but about the event, you can always report it as spam. A notification comes to the investigation team at 10times which shall get back to you within 48 business hours.

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