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What are the options for branding on FLOOR
What are the options for branding on FLOOR

How organizers can feature sponsors on Floor. Event monetization options.

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The business model of virtual events has evolved to prominently feature corporate sponsorship as a business-to-business (B2B) exchange mechanism. The sustainability of this business model rests with the propensity for event organizers to consistently deliver value to all event participants including visitors, panelists, exhibitors or sponsors and minimize potential role conflicts.

Having said that, below are the options in which you can feature and facilitate your sponsors on Floor:

1. Logo Carousel

This is the option on Floor wherein the logo images are showcased in a visually appealing carousel throughout the event. If you hover the mouse over it, it will stop and then start again. This carousel will be intact for the user wherever he moves around the event, on stage, lobby or lounges.

2. Logo on Session

You have the option to highlight the company logo images on the session screen as highlighted below:

3. Logos on FLOOR layout/ map

You can arrange and showcase logos on the Floor Map. In block view, you get an option to drag and drop and place them as per your wish. In 3D layout, all the logos would be showcased on the sponsor pillar as below:

4. Logo on Lounge Networking Tables

The logo images and Company names of the sponsors can be customized on the networking tables in the lounge area. Kindly refer to this article to know more.

5. Virtual Background

You can enable virtual background for yourselves, as in banner images, for your panelists on stage, for your exhibitors in booths, or for users too, for that matter.

6. Sponsor Booth

Sponsors can be allotted premium booths as well. They can have one to many private meetings with the audience here. They can upload logo, brochures, videos and can share presentations.

7. Session Intro Video and Intro Banner

You can play a welcome video, featuring your sponsors on stage, for your audience while the session starts.

These are the few standard ways on Floor, where we can features your sponsors and can create value for them.

8. Event Emailers

Organizers can showcase sponsors on below event emailers with white-labeling

  • Thank you

  • Reminder

  • Feedback

9. Upload Brochures and flyer in Digital Handout Bag

You can upload your sponsors brochures in the Handout Bag at event level which can be viewed, accessed, downloaded and sent to mailbox by any user directly.

10. Selfie Photo Booth

Compel your audience to flaunt with their eye-catching selfies on their social accounts. This in turn would help in advertising and promoting your event.

You can also Brand these photo booths with your own Logo.


11. Event Intro Video on FLOOR Map: You can embed your event welcome video link and upload at the centre of the FLOOR map

12. Customize tables in Breakout rooms:

You can unshackle the boredom and surprise your audience with a mix of speed-dating or networking session type. Simply select this type of session, no. of tables needed, define duration, customize if needed, and you are done. You can customize these tables similarly as in the lounge area with each table having unique logo and title.

13. Leaderboard :

A leaderboard is a new feature introduced in 5.3 Version of FLOOR.

Well, the numbers don’t lie. They present the most honest picture of how successful your event was.

With Lead Score & User Journey, you can now gain insights about individual attendee engagement at your event based on the activity score in the Leaderboard. This new feature will help you to keep track of the top users navigating and engaging at your event.

Please refer to the below GIF for a better understanding:

14. Homepage Signage:

Homepage Signage is a tab that will allow Additional branding on the Floor 3D homepage (E.g. To Lobby/Booths).

Please refer to the below given 2 respective GIFs.

Your Homepage signage will be shown here:

15. Miscellaneous (outside event): At the discretion of the organizer

  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo on the Registration page

  • Sponsors can receive the full list of attendees with name, email, location, and ticket type purchased.

  • Sponsors can receive event analytics reports -- referral source, turnout percentage, registration visits vs. conversions, connections made during the event, country, device, etc.

  • Sponsors can receive recordings, chat transcripts for both the event chat and sessions chat, and poll data from the event once finished.

Still, we are open to more suggestions to add & customize a feature request for the product team to review 🦾

Watch this video below, on our YouTube channel, for a comprehensive understanding

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