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How to create an e-site from dashboard

Launch your event website via dashboard

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Dashboard is a complete event management suite for the event organizers. It is a one-stop solution, a techno-marketing tool created by 10times to help Event Organizers add and manage their event's life-cycle. It equips you with several marketing and technology features.

Launching your event website is one of those exclusive features.

You may create your event website by following the steps below:

Step 1: Select the event from your Dashboard for which you want to create the site.

Step 2: Go to Website Builder from left panel in your dashboard.

Step 3: You will see the below page. Click on Create Website

Step 4: DESIGN

  • You will land on the page below. Select the theme (Standard or FLOOR)

  • Select the background image (banner) by clicking on "Change". Else system would upload the default image.

  • You may choose image either from the gallery or can upload your own by clicking on "Upload your own", highlighted below

  • Click on "Save" to save the settings.

Note: It is recommended to upload an image that is at least 1520 x 512 pixels in JPG or PNG format


  • You will land to the below page. You may disable the tabs irrelevant to your event for instance, we have disabled exhibitors and stall tabs below:

  • From Menu Settings, you may categorize fields as Main Menu or Sub-menu

  • "Edit Content" will redirect you to the respective Tab section wherein you may edit content and save data.

  • "Interactive Floor Plan" is our Premium feature. You can add dynamic Floor Plan for your event.

  • "Settings" of each tab allow you to modify Tab names if required.

  • "About" and "Terms" are mandatory fields. However, you may edit the content of "Terms" via its "Settings"

  • You may add more Tabs if required, under our Premium+ plan.

  • Once you have modified the Tabs and Content, Click on "Update Settings"


  • You may add carousels by clicking on the highlighted "+Add Carousel" below. Carousels are homepage banners, best used for marketing any content or display highlights of the event.

  • A form will pop up. Just fill in the required fields as below:

  • You may upload the background image of your choice, in the recommended size, via Choose > Upload your own > Save

  • You can add multiple carousels. Once you have added, click on "Update Settings"

This is how your carousel will look like:

  • The "Register" tab is clickable and will redirect the user to URL entered in "Button Link" field.


  • By default, the site will be created on "Our Domain"

  • You may also launch your site on custom domain, which is our premium feature. Kindly click here to know how to launch your event website on your own domain.

  • Once you have selected the domain, Click on "Update Settings"

Note: You may anytime click on "Preview Website" tab to see how does your website look.

Watch this video below for further understanding:

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