Your event is more than a Linkedin live stream or a clubhouse room. Its your brand and you need ways to showcase it more prominently.

Hence, white-label has been one of the most demanding and exclusive features wherein organizers can send communication emails to the users using their preferred email address instead of 10times domain.

Here are some ways FLOOR lets you white-label the entire platform to make it yours. -

  • Custom Domain URL: FLOOR allows you to use your own domain to host the virtual event or community. To know more about this, kindly refer to this article.

  • Custom Landing page

  • Logo on Stream: FLOOR allows you to white-label and add your own brand logo on stage.

  • Email White Labeling: FLOOR comes pre-built with communication automation. It includes email for registration / reminder/ feedback. The email domain used to send the communication can be white-labelled

How to enable Email White Labeling via Dashboard

Dashboard Settings

  • Login to Dashboard

  • Go to My Account (besides Add Event option) from top right option of your dashboard

  • Go to Business Profiles

  • Select the company and Click on "View Profile"

  • Scroll down the page to Email White-labeling

  • Select the preferred Email id from the drop down menu

Note: The preferred email id should have Admin access to your company account on 10times

  • Click on Save

Domain DNS Settings

  • Go to your DNS settings of your domain

  • Select TXT in Record Type

  • Enter the domain of your preferred email id in the field "Host"

  • Copy the value in inverted commas from your dashboard (underlined above)

  • Paste this value in the column "TXT Value"

  • Click on Save

  • Once the set up is done, system will automatically verify the settings after the changes reflect on your DNS.


  • While adding HOST VALUE, if your preferred email id domain ( in the above example), does not work then use " @ " as the Host Value

  • Email White Labeling is applicable only in Enterprise Plan

  • It is applicable only for communication emails (registration, confirmation, sign in and invitation) for the users and participants of the event.

    Watch this video on YouTube for better understanding

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