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What are the various types of users on FLOOR
What are the various types of users on FLOOR

Different types of users and participants on FLOOR

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FLOOR is a community space. Like any event, this community can be defined into three buckets: Admin, Presenter and Participant


Admin is the creator, FLOOR owner, incharge, event planner, etc. Admin has over arching power to control everything on the FLOOR. We can say the Admin is the “Facilitator”. Admin can do the following functions:

  1. Create the FLOOR

  2. Create & manage the event

  3. Manage and operate the dashboard: launch landing page, registration, add content, etc.

  4. Operate the sessions

  5. Administer the booths and lounge

To learn more about his functionalities and controls on FLOOR, kindly refer to this article.


Each event has two other parties besides the Creator/ Admin.

  • In a conference, it is the speaker (including the host & moderators) and the delegate

  • In a tradeshow/ expo, it is the exhibitor and the visitor

Presenter includes the speaker and the exhibitor, the ones providing the information or presenting the content/ products.


Participants are the receivers. They get information, consume content, do meetings, etc. So, in a conference, we can call them the delegates and in trade shows, they are the visitors.

Overall, together, on FLOOR we call these users participants.

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