There are certain functions and features on FLOOR which the organizer often does not want a host to have access to. Host is basically the moderator at the event so his access should be restricted to only the event's session activities on FLOOR.

Keeping this in mind, we have divided the role of host and admin in such a way that

  • Host can only control the activities on FLOOR while Admin, apart from FLOOR activities, also has access to the back-end Partner Dashboard to modify/ update any information about the event and to the settings on FLOOR.
  • Also, Host can Go Live on stage and share the screen with the panelists. But if the Admin goes Live on stage, he will not be visible to audience and won't be able to participate unless he clicks on Join Panel as shown below.
  • Admins can handover stage to any panelist/ user.

Note: We recommend admins not to join panel unless it is need of the hour!

The Admin dashboard comprises of all the features required to control over the event and make it a big success.



a. Section Settings

This feature allows you to enable/ disable the required landing pages. For instance, if you do not have exhibitors in your event, then you may disable the booth and networking pages.

Consequently, these categories won't be visible to attendees in the left menu of their screen.

Moreover, since there are too many options for the audience/ attendees on FLOOR, one of our important concerns during the event remains that the attendance of the visitors is intact and we do not loose any visitors in the sessions.

Therefore, you being a admin can anytime disable those options like lounges/ booths when the session is ongoing and if you wish to restrict them and do not want to loose them during sessions.

b. Lounge Settings

This allows the Admin to control over networking option in the lounge.

  • It is on the discretion of the Admin to make the networking table as private, by which users can lock their seats for private conversations.
  • The Admin can enable / disable the "Watch Table" option on the networking table which allows users to watch the ongoing conversation on the table anonymously.
  • Admin can also control number of tables to open in lounge

c. Floor Map Settings

Admin can modify the FLOOR map settings through this option. S/he can choose 3D layout from the drop down, to provide 3D experience to the users.

d. Stream Settings

This allows Admin to select settings of their streaming corresponding to the network strength like we have in Youtube. It can be Standard, HD Standard (recommended) or HD Premium.

e. Branding

This is the most likely question asked from organizers if we can display their brand logo.

So yes, we allow you to select your own logo on screen through this drag & drop option. The logo will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the stage, besides FLOOR logo (shown below)

Note: You may also display your VIP sponsors' logo here to facilitate sponsorship in various sessions, if required.


  • This feature allows you to change/ update the status of the session.

You have multiple options as defined below:

Note: You may move the audience from one session to the next, independently, by selecting option "OVER".

  • Admin can enable & disable following functionality for any session.

-Discussion On/Off

-Polls On/Off

-Hand Raise On/Off

-Like On/Off

-Enable/ Disable Engagement Stats: You can hide the number of Participants, Likes or Hands Raised for audience, by disabling this option. Admins will still be able to see the numbers.

-Enable/ Disable On-Demand Recording Playback: If the session has multiple recordings captured, you may choose which recording can be played if any user accesses the session after it is over.

Note: If a user goes to any session via Stage, which is over and for which the On-Demand Recording Playback is enabled, h/she will see like below and can play & watch the recording

For other sessions, the screen will look like below:


  • Admin can change the status of the Room (Open/ Close) and enable & disable following functionality for any Room.

-Discussion On/Off

-Polls On/Off

-Hand Raise On/Off

-Like On/Off


This option will take you to the Organizer Dashboard at Event Overview page.

You may add/ modify information about your event.

If you need more information and better understanding about partner dashboard, kindly Click Here


This option will take you to the Leads section in your partner dashboard.

Here, you can see the number of visitors registered and can send them mass message.

Note: Only those visitors would appear in the list who have completed their profile while registering.


This will land you to the Agenda & Schedule of the event at Partner Dashboard.

You can add/ modify sessions of the event.

5. QnA

An attendee can ask questions from the panelists in two ways:

  • Raise Hand - The organizer can choose to answer these question by inviting the person on stage
  • QnA discussion forum - Pick up the question from Questions Asked


-In the former option, if the guest does not leave screen himself, the host/ admin can also disconnect him Dashboard > QnA > Disconnect (in place of "+invite" option, it will show "disconnect")

-In the latter option, the question picked to answer, would show as broadcast message on screen, to the audience as well.

6. Polls

You may create polls, release them to audience and can even delete them, as and when required.

The questions in polls can be closed/ polar type with answers yes or no, or they can be multiple choice. Also, it is totally at your discretion if you want to show results to audience or nor.

3. Broadcast

This again, is an exclusive feature which allows you to mass communicate with your audience or panelists.

This encourages engagement and helps in making the session more interactive.

Anytime during the event, you may write your message and broadcast to your target audience (attendees or panelists).

In case, you select the former option (Broadcast to public) then it will include speakers as well and the message would appear on their screen too.

7. Recording

This is the most demanding feature wherein you can record your sessions. Once the session starts, you need to Go Live and click on Record.

You can start and stop anytime as required. You can also Play them backstage and can also download the same

Note: If you have taken multiple recordings, they would show in this option but we recommend you do not click on Play during the event.

8. Handouts

This option allows you to upload any required files, brochures or videos. Audience can view them in the handouts option from left panel menu.


This for the Premium Booth. In case, the admin wants to setup booth and upload background and upload documents of the Premium Exhibitor/ Sponsor


On the right hand of your screen you have multiple session activities options as below:

  1. Mic On: You can mute/ unmute yourself using this option while you are backstage.
  2. Cam On: This option allows you to put your camera on/ off.
  3. Present Off: This will allow you to share your screen with other panelists at backstage.
  4. Discuss: This option will be available backstage as well as with Go Live. You may view/ participate in the discussions, bifurcated in three categories.

a. Audience/ Public: You can read public chat and can also write your own comments.

b. Panelists/ Private: Here you will be able to exchange messages among panelists only. This is a private discussion forum among speakers, host and moderators.

c. QnA: You can view the questions been asked by attendees here. And can write your own messages as well.

d. Archive: You can also archive any message, if required. Or can even archive complete chat/ discussion history, except the broadcast messages:

5. Polls: You can view active polls and their result here.

6. Leave: By clicking on this you may anytime leave the screen/ session.

7. Full Screen: You can enlarge your screen by clicking on the highlighted button below. And then can get back to normal by clicking again on the same or clicking Esc.


On the left of your screen you will find certain landing pages as captured below, to update your attendees about the event and network with other participants.

Stage - This will show information about all the sessions/ rooms of the event. The one which are ongoing or about to start (in green) or which are scheduled later (in blue) and those which have ended (in grey). The number 2 implies that two simultaneous sessions are ongoing.

FLOOR - A user can click on this icon "Floor", to see the complete layout of the event.

You can arrange the complete placement of speakers, the VIP lounges, booths, sponsors, networking tables and agenda & schedule of the event as required.

Lobby - This will show you the list of the fellow attendees. You can search any attendee by name or company.

Lounge - We ensure that your event is interactive and engaging. So we allow attendees network among one another when desired. Here, one can grab a seat and network with others, any time during the event. This will let users leave the ongoing session and join their private meet. However, If they want, they may switch back to the live session anytime again.

Admins can customize lounge tables by adding brand logo images and naming them (Giving Titles). Kindly refer to this article to know more.

VIP Lounge - If any of the VIPS are present in their rooms then users can chat with them and can grab private meetings with them, at their discretion (If they are present in their rooms).

Booths - Visitors can see all the participating exhibitors, their profiles, download their brochures. Also, if they are available, they may chat with them and can grab meeting with them at their discretion. If the exhibitors are in their room and available for meeting, it would show you in blue color as below. Else, they would show "Busy".

Handouts - Herein, attendees may find and download all the documents, brochures or videos uploaded by you.

Helpdesk - As the name suggests, this may include one or two members (depending upon the number of attendees) from your organization who can always be available for help to your visitors/ attendees. For instance, if anyone faces any issues during the event, related to mic or camera, they may reach out to people available at the reception and share their concern. This encourages customer support.

Please Note:

  • Use laptop/ PC for the best experience. And, our platform works best on Google Chrome.
  • Refer to the Checklist before accessing FLOOR
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