How to add and invite speakers on FLOOR

How to add and speakers from dashboard and send them invite links. How to change the order of the speakers in agenda and on FLOOR

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You can add total number of speakers in your event from dashboard left panel menu, through steps below:

Floor > Room & Layout > VIP table

There are two methods to add speakers details and add them in the session:

Method 1:

This is the preferred method when there are a few sessions and a few panelists.

Go to Agenda & Schedule, Select the session and Click on "+Add Speaker".

Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

Note: Although the email id is optional, still, we recommend to enter the email id as well. And, if the Speaker wants to join in as a delegate post his own session, then he/ she should use the same email id.

Method 2:

In case, the number of sessions and speakers are more, we recommend you to use this method.

Step 1: Go to Content > Speakers > Add Speaker

Step 2: Add speaker details and Submit.

Alternatively, you can use their respective wikipedia/ twitter link

Step 3: Go to Agenda & Schedule > Select the session > Select the Speakers from the list > Add them to session > Save

Step 4: You may also change the order of the speakers from dashboard, so as to display in that required sequence in your agenda and on FLOOR

Click on "Change Order" and drag and drop in the required sequence and Save. The changed order will start reflecting in your agenda and on FLOOR in real time.

Refer to the below image for before and after effects.

Send one-click invite link from dashboard to join the Floor

As soon you have added speakers and Saved the session, the unique invite links are instantly created for each participant. You can share the links and invite your speakers to join the session from there itself.


For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective video on YouTube

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