Live Booth on FLOOR serves as a venue, gathering different companies or brands exhibiting their products and accept walk-in inquiries. Acting as a place for visitors to do sourcing for their target brands or industry vendors.

Live Booth helps the Exhibitor conduct one-on-one meeting with their potential business partners, vendors, customers, etc online like you do at the venue.

Find below steps to know how you can set up a Live Booth in your Event, if you want to know how you can add an online Event, click here

Adding Exhibitors from dashboard

Step 1: In your Event's dashboard, Click on Exhibitors from the Content section.

Step 2: Click on +Add Exhibitors

Step 2: Complete all the below Basic Information about the Exhibitors.

Please note adding an Email id of the Exhibitor is important and mandatory.

Step 3: This option is applicable for physical events, where you can allot name/ number to the physical booth

Step 4: Select the type of booth for your virtual event, whether it is basic booth or premium booth.

Step 5: If it is a premium booth, fill in the necessary fields (number of meeting rooms, description, upload welcome video and background image) below.

Note: There can be up to 10 meeting rooms in a booth at max.

Step 6: Click on "Add Exhibitor" and review the Exhibitor.

The link of the Exhibitor will be created.

Send one-click joining invite link via dashboard

As soon the exhibitor is added, you may share the joining link and invite them:

  • Just click on the highlighted "Invite" tab

  • The invite email form will pop up, just click on "Send"

Live Booth on FLOOR

Check the "Booth" Toggle available on Floor and review the Booth added for your Exhibitor.

Please Note:

  • You can edit the details of the Exhibitor anytime from dashboard.
  • Email id of the Exhibitor is important and mandatory to add.
  • Ask your exhibitors to join Floor via this "Click to Join" link itself, received on their respective email ids.
  • Reference articles to be shared with your panelists: Functionalities of Exhibitors and Checklist while accessing Floor

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