Live Booth will help to conduct one-on-one meeting with your potential business partners, vendors, customers, etc online like you do at the venue.

You can interact with them, share your screen, your website details, brochures and many more.

Find below the step by step guide how you can enter your Live booth and access various settings for Booth activities.

Step 1: Check the Invite received from 10times for joining the Event on FLOOR and press "Click To Join" button. It is a one click login and contains your unique link for the Event.

Step 2: One you have entered to the Event link, you will see the below landing pages in the left menu Bar, the Navigation bar for the FLOOR.

Stage – where conference happens

FLOOR – Map for easy navigation

Lobby – see all the live audience

Lounge – coffee shop for networking

VIP – Exclusive lounge

Booths – Expo area for exhibitors

Reception – Helpdesk for any issues

Click on Booths from left side menu and "Enter Room"

Your Exhibitor Private Room will be open.

Click on the picture below to see various settings for Exhibitors.

Note: You will get a sound notification when someone enters/ joins booth.

1.Exhibitor Dashboard

a. Setup Booth:

Background: Add any background of your booth from the template or upload any picture in the recommended size.

Profile: You can add your company description by using this option. It will be visible to the audience if they click on BOOTHS >> VIEW PROFILE.

b. Handouts: Upload any Brochure/Document/PDF/PPT OR VIDEO for the Visitors.


  • The size of the file should be less than 6 MB.
  • You can edit the name by just clicking on Handout.
  • Please make sure to keep it in the “ PUBLISH “ state so that it is uploaded in your booth.

2. Share & Invite: Each booth comes with its own personal booth link. You can use this link to invite anyone to come visit your booth.

Email – copy the link to share via email

Social Media – click and share on your social channels

3. Mic, Camera & internet Check: When you first login, you would be asked to give camera and mic permission. Kindly make sure you give permission. To check for any issue or change settings, click on the second button. It shows:

a. Internet strength

b. Camera being used

c. Microphone being used

4. Profile Update: Use this button to update your profile. You can change:

• Profile picture

• User name

• Website

• Location

Session Activities

On the right hand of your screen you have multiple session activities options as below:

  1. Mic On: You can mute/ unmute yourself using this option.
  2. Cam On: This option allows you to put your camera on/ off.
  3. Present Off: This will allow you to share your screen with the audience. Before the event, make sure to check ‘screen share’. Default is to just share your entire screen, or you can choose other options, as per your browser.
  4. Discuss: With this option, you may view/ participate in the discussions with the users on live stage.

Note: When you are in booth, you can see your own messages by going to "Lobby" in the left panel of your screen. There will be a green dot when anyone messages you.

However, being in your booth, if you see the green dot in "Discuss" option on right menu, that is not for you. That indicates that user has dropped message in the public/ audience chat, on live stage (ongoing session)

If you want to share some common message for all the visitors then you may also

Go to Stage > Join Live Session > Discuss(Audience-Right section menu) > Drop message

5. Leave: You can click on this option to leave the room and join stage/ lounge

Please Note:

  • Use Laptop/PC and chrome browser for better user experience.
  • Allow permission to camera/mic while logging in.
  • Always use your registered email id/ invite link to login.
  • Please do not share your link as it is your unique login link.
  • In case of any audio / video issues:

Please check your internet speed (recommended min 1.4 MBPS)


Logout and login again.

Refer to Troubleshoot Icon on the top right corner of the screen and Reboot.

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