Live Booth will help to conduct one-on-one meeting with your potential business partners, vendors, customers, etc online like you do at the venue.

You can interact with them, share your screen, your website details, brochures and many more.

Find below the step by step guide how you can enter your Live booth and access various settings for Booth activities.

Step 1: Check the Invite received from 10times for joining the Event on FLOOR and press "Click To Join" button. It is a one click login and contains your unique link for the Event.

Step 2: One you have entered to the Event link, click on Booths from left side menu and "Enter Room"

Your Exhibitor Private Room will be open.

Click on the picture below to see various settings for Exhibitors.

Exhibitor Dashboard

  1. Setup Booth: Add any background of your booth from the template or upload any picture in the Recommended Size.

2. Handouts: Upload any Brochure/Document/PDF/PPT OR VIDEO for the Visitors.

Please Note:

  • Use Laptop/PC and chrome browser for better user experience.
  • Allow permission to camera/mic while logging in.
  • Always use your registered email id to login.
  • Please do not share your link as it is your unique login link.

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