How to personalize your Booth

Learn about your Booth Settings and customization

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We strive to provide you as personalized feel on FLOOR as you have in a physical event, in your physical booth. There are a number of activities and features here that you may utilize to beautify you booth, to display your brand and theme and to drive more customer engagement.

Live Booth will help to conduct one-on-one meetings with your potential business partners, vendors, customers, etc online like you do at the venue.

You can interact with them, share your screen, your website details, brochures and many more.

You can add and make use of the booth by enriching it with more information and personalization.

a. Your Organization Info & Logo
b. Welcome message / video /banner

c. Handouts / Brochure

d. Customized Background

e. Guestbook/ Chat

f. Pre Event Appointment Booking

g. Broadcast / Announcement During the Event

h. Audience Interactions & Engagements

i. Share & Invite users from within and outside the event

j. Take selfies and post on social media with customized hashtags

You can customize your Booth Settings from this option, SETTINGS, at the bottom right of your screen.


You can edit information about your booth from here.

  • Upload Logo (Recommended Resolution: 300 x 300 pixels, Recommended Size: 2MB)

  • Edit Description

  • Edit Website

  • Edit no of meeting rooms

  • Add/ Delete Booth Managers via Email ids

Kindly refer to the GIF image below:

Users can see this information about booth in real time, by navigating to "Booths" from left panel of the stage and clicking on info icon or Navigating to "Info" on the right menu


Room Status: You can set the status of your booth from here as Open or Closed by enabling/ disabling the toggle respectively.

Features & Functionality: Herein, you can enable or disable Handouts and Guestbook category, depending on your requirement, if you want to share any presentation with the users or let them connect with one another via chat respectively.

Rest other options are under the control of the organizer.

Audience Interactions & Engagements: With this option you let your users give Thumbs Up to your meetings.

Note: The remaining options are greyed out for you as only organizer can control them.


Room Skin: You can add Room skin for your Booth.

Stage Background: You can select and upload any background image for your Booth

Welcome Video: You can select and upload welcome video for your Booth.

Virtual Background: Also, you may add your virtual background image from the option in the footer menu

You may refer to this article for more details.


Anytime during the event, you may write your message and broadcast to your users.

For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective video on YouTube

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