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Partner Dashboard Help Center
Partner Dashboard Help Center

FAQ for event owners related to event listing and how to manage them on platform

10times Newsletters- a promotional activity
Content - enrich your event strength to enhance its visibility
Tickets & Prices - add visitor and booth ticket prices
Communication & Reminders
Registration Settings - customize registration settings or RSVP form
Social Share
How to browse and filter your events in oDASH
10Times API Integration
How to upload and remove photos, documents, and banners via Partners Dashboard
How to Bulk Import attendee list via Dashboard.
How to reset dashboard password
Messages - how to reply to users' messages via Dashboard
Tool & Widgets - embed widgets to your webpage
Enhance your Platform presence
Event Submission Guidelines. Kind of events that can be listed on 10times
How & why Organizer should increase the strength of the event?
How do I highlight my best reviews for my Event?
How to manage multiple companies under one single oDash account.
How to add a Speaker via Partners Dashboard.
How to Generate Attendee Name Badge
User Access - manage people/ user access
How to add an Exhibitor and booths via Dashboard.
Analytics - view your company and event performance via dashboard
How to add an online Event on 10times?
How to add a physical event
How to set up custom messages for interested visitors/exhibitors?
How to add venue for an event from dashboard
How my event got listed
How to login to Partner Dashboard
How to publish my event, saved in drafts
How to update your company profile on 10times
How to promote events and boost their visibility
How to manage event engagements, registrations, users, interests, and leads
How to update your user profile on Partner Dashboard?
How to deactivate & remove my free organizer account
Frequently Asked Questions
Not Receiving Emailers From 10Times
Credits usage in oDASH