“Check-in” is equal to daily user participation on the FLOOR.

Check-in is charged when a user engages in some form of live-interaction on the FLOOR. One check-in gives a user an access for 24 hours, from the time of log-in.

List of Live interaction includes :

  1. Stage - attends a session
  2. Lounge - grabs a table and interacts
  3. Booth - meets an exhibitor
  4. VIP Lounge - does a meeting

To understand check-in charges, you need to be familiar with :

  1. FLOOR Modes: preview / Open / Closed (Refer to this article for better understanding)
  2. FLOOR User Types: Admin / Presenter / Participant (Refer to this article for better understanding)


Preview mode is used pre-event ie until your live event starts.

For Participants:

In this mode, no check-in is charged for user, as they cannot participate in any live-interaction. To allow user to do any of the live-action, you need to change the FLOOR to open-mode.

For Admin:

In preview mode, limited numbers of admins are allowed to use the FLOOR daily, without being charged.

  1. In Premium or Premium+ Plan - 2 Admins
  2. In Enterprise Plan - 5 Admins

For additional admins, they are charged if they spend more than 40 mins on the FLOOR in a single day

For Presenters:

Presenters include speakers, moderators, hosts or exhibitors. They are allowed to use for 40 mins in a single day without being charged (a check-in). Beyond 40 mins, they would be charged 1 check-in for a day

OPEN Mode:

In the Open Mode, you still get your free check-in quota for admins (as mentioned above): 2 in Premium accounts and 5 in Enterprise accounts. For additional users, you would be charged 1 check-in per active user.

Note: Users would include all user types: additional admins, presenters and participants.


In Closed Mode, only the authorised admins are allowed to enter the FLOOR. No presenters or participants are allowed to enter the FLOOR, therefore there is no charge.

Note: For admins, same logic is applied as during preview or open mode.

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