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How to Switch different modes of FLOOR
How to Switch different modes of FLOOR

What are the different FLOOR modes and how to switch them pre, during and post the event.

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FLOOR is a virtual/Hybrid event hosting platform. It has been used by many event organizers for various use cases like Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and Meet-X.

While we help you build community with minimal charge

Below is the explanation of the different modes of FLOOR; before, during, and after your event - Community/ Event/ Closed respectively and what users can be allowed to do in the different Modes.

The most important to understand here is, when would you be charged for user participation and what you can do to minimize your cost.


Only Admins of the events have the power to control this function.

FLOOR has the following two modes:

Event Mode:

In the Event Mode, basically, FLOOR is live for 2-way interaction, which includes audio and video. So users can have:

  1. Host live sessions

  2. The lounge (coffee shop) is open for networking

  3. Exhibitor booths are open for meetings

It shows the actual setup of your Event, including all the custom names of the Floor panels. This further has three modes.

Preview Mode

As the name suggests, the FLOOR is in Community mode prior to the event day (From the time the event is created till the day event starts). We help you in building a community with minimal charges.

  1. In this mode, the audience can walk through the platform to get hands-on with the features.

  2. There is no live streaming and interactions among the audiences.

  3. check-ins are not deducted.

  4. Exhibitor booths are open for meetings.

Open Mode

During open mode, FLOOR is fully functional including the live streaming options. During the events, check-ins are charged based on attendance. Exhibitor booths are open for meetings


  • Post-event you have to choose to leave the FLOOR open for the above interaction, including, β€˜session playback’

  • Once the event is created, the FLOOR is Open, by default. However, you may switch to Preview Mode until the event day.

Closed Mode

Once your event is over, you may choose to close the FLOOR, if you do not want to allow any further interaction. In closed mode, your FLOOR is shut and the user cannot enter. FLOOR should be marked closed when:

  1. There is no need for allowing session playback

  2. Do not require further interactions in the lounge or booths

  3. Check-ins are not charged.

Note: You are charged check-in (user participation fee), only when the FLOOR is in EVENT mode or if it goes over the threshold limit. To know more about the threshold limit or free allowance, please refer to this article.


Post-event you have to choose to leave the FLOOR open for the above interaction, including, β€˜session playback’.

Community Mode

As the name community implies it allows your user community to engage prior to, during, and past events. This mode allows you to enable social media for your event within FLOOR.

The organization has the advantage to share event updates and keep the community more informed. Thus, gets better conversion for future shows.

Like an event landing page, users can do many things in a community mode. Here is the list:

  1. Can see the Agenda of the event and bookmark it

  2. Can see the Speaker list and bookmark it

  3. Can see the Attendee list and send connect requests

  4. Can check out the Exhibitor list, bookmark them, or pre-schedule a meeting

  5. Send Questions to the organizer from the helpdesk section

  6. Attendees can connect, chat and exchange business cards with each other.

Like an event's social media page. FLOOR in community mode allows you to enable social media for your event within FLOOR.


There are a few things users cannot do in community mode, mainly they cannot engage in a 2-way live connection:

  1. There cannot be any live session ongoing

  2. The lounge (coffee shop) is not open

  3. Exhibitor booths are not open for meetings

How to change these Modes:

Once you are inside your Admin Dashboard, you would see the option to switch mode. Just click on the required Mode.

Kindly refer to the highlighted image below.

You may refer to the video below for a better understanding:

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