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How to set up different sign-in methods for users on FLOOR
How to set up different sign-in methods for users on FLOOR

How to select and set up various log-in methods for users, restrict domains and set check-in validity via dashboard

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Sign In Methods

Organizer has multiple options to choose as sign-in methods for their users on the Event FLOOR.

You can enable/ disable the required options via dashboard.

To do so, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Select the event from the dashboard

  • Go to Registration & Ticket from the left panel

  • Go to Sign In and Ticket Setup

  • You will see the below options to enable/ disable as per your requirement

  • Enable or disable the required option and Do Click on UPDATE SETTINGS after scrolling down


  • All the methods except " Sign in with Phone " are enabled by default and cannot be disabled in the basic plan. It is our premium feature. So, you will have to Upgrade your account if you want to disable any of the options.

  • The method " Sign in with Phone " is applicable only for Enterprise Plan.

  • You can set up ticketing and registration by referring to this article.

FLOOR Check-In Validity

“Check-in” is equal to daily user participation on the FLOOR.

  • Check-in is charged once a user enters the FLOOR event. One check-in gives a user an access for 24 hours, from the time of log-in, depending on the validity plan below.

  • Select the required option and Click on Update Settings

  • To know more about Check-ins, please refer to this article.

  • You can also allow/ restrict certain Domains for the users to access Floor event.

  • For Ticketing setup and this article

  • Click on Update Settings to save any changes/ modifications

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