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My iPhone camera/ microphone not working
My iPhone camera/ microphone not working

Troubleshoot audio/ video issues in

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Kindly note our mobile web version is still in beta, therefore we recommend you use a desktop or laptop for a better experience if possible. Please check here for a complete list of supported desktop devices and browsers.

Refer to the below steps for further diagnosis:

Step 1: Check you are using a supported iOS Version and Browser

Currently, FLOOR only supports iOS 12.4.1+ or better on a Safari Browser.

Here's how you can check the iOS version of your iPhone:

1. Open the Settings menu

2. Scroll down and select the General option

3. Tap the About option at the top of the screen

4. Search for the sub-heading 'Version' on the About page, here you will find your iOS version.

For example, below the iOS version is listed as iOS 8.1.3, this is usually referred to as iOS 8

Step 2: Allow Safari Access to the Camera and Microphone

For iOS 12 users:

1. Open the Settings app

2. Scroll down and select the Safari option

3. Toggle the 'Camera & Microphone Access' option so that it turns green, this means the setting is enabled

For iOS 13 users:

1. Open the Settings app

2. Scroll down and select the Safari option

3. Scroll down again and select 'Camera'

4. Click the 'Allow' button

5. Return back to the Safari Settings and select 'Microphone' (right below the Camera option)

6. Click the 'Allow' button

On iOS 13, you can choose to give Camera and Microphone Access to specific websites only if you prefer. Here's how you can do that:

1. Go to the website you want to allow microphone and camera access too

2. Tap the 'AA' icon in the address bar

3. Click on 'Website Settings'

4. Click on 'Microphone or Camera', and a pop up box will appear. Click 'Allow' on the pop up box

Note: If you do not see any of the above options, the website has not attempted to access site permissions. In this case, try to refresh the website and repeat the above process.

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