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Advance analytics breakdown of an event on FLOOR
Advance analytics breakdown of an event on FLOOR

What all data can you seek post event on FLOOR

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FLOOR is a Virtual Venue for Live, Engaging & Monetizable Events, that provides DATA & ADVANCED ANALYTICS of your event being hosted.

This analytics touches all the different aspects of your live event which is bifurcated into four segments mentioned below, from the point of registration till post-event feedback

1. Registration

  • Total Count

  • Date & Time

  • Source

  • Location

  • Designation

2. Participation

  • Confirmations

  • Attended (checkin)

  • Engaged

  • Time-spent

3. Engagement

  • Stage Level : Unique Attendees, Total Likes & Discussion, Total Q&A & Hand Raise

  • Booth Level: Total Visitors, Total Meetings and Handout Viewed

  • Lounge Level: Unique Participants and Total Seats Grabbed

  • Lobby Level: Active Users and Messages Exchanged

  • Reception Level: Meetings Done and Messages Shared

4. Feedback

  • Ratings

  • Reviews

  • NPS



  • Any additional custom field request can be taken case to case basis (only for Enterprise)

  • Kindly refer to this article to access your event analytics via dashboard.

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