How to create a duplicate event

How to copy the data of your event listing for the next similar event

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Well, that's so damn easy now!! Just Copy Paste, what else can make your life easier?

So, here's our new feature added in your partner dashboard, wherein you do not need to add the similar event altogether again. This feature will also let you perform below:

a. Option to rehost on same floor keeping all the content intact
b. Take any events content and duplicate to another Floor.

Just create a duplicate one, with all data transferred, in three easy steps below:

  • Select the Event

  • Scroll down and Select "Create Duplicate Event"

  • Select the event dates

  • Whether Virtual or On-site

  • In case of physical, add the venue. You may refer to this article for adding venue, if required

  • Select the categories of the data you want to copy

  • Click on Submit

You can see the event reflecting in drafts in your dashboard in real time.

You can add more information also and enrich the event strength to the recommended 90%.

To get it approved from our QC team, you have to submit it for review by Enabling the Toggle "Publicly Discoverable".

For more clarification on how to get your event published, please refer to this article

Please Note: This feature is applicable only, when one event listing details needs to be copied and replicated to another different event (You can change the event name as well) for eg. An event "Annual Dental Conference" held in Mumbai in 2020 is again going to be held as "Annual Dental Conference Version 2" in 2023 in Chennai. Then you may copy the data of the former and clone it to another event listing keeping required data intact and just editing Event Name and Venue.

In case, the event name and location are same then it will be considered as next edition of the same event so for that you just need to edit the dates and rehost it as a new edition. You may refer to this article for more clarification.

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