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How to publish my event, saved in drafts
How to publish my event, saved in drafts

Event still showing in draft, how to submit for review. How to get an event approved which is still in draft.

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If your event is showing in drafts, that means either a similar event is already listed on 10times or it is not yet eligible to be submitted for review.

To access the reason why is it showing in drafts, and how to submit the event for review to get it approved, please refer to our event submission guidelines and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard and select the event.

Step 2: Click on the Publish button on the left:

Step 3: In case, the reason comes up, the event is already listed with us then you can claim the event.

Otherwise, the below page would show which will display the reason why it is not eligible to submit. You need to complete the fields which are shown as mandatory and that you have left out. Else your event strength might be less than 30% (minimum % of event information required)

Step 4: After completing the mandatory fields, click on "Publish My event"
The highlighted tab will be in Blue color once eligible for submission.

Please Note:

  1. Avoid adding numbers, editions, dates, years, special characters, and also words like - Bazaar, Sale, Holiday, Market, Tour, etc. in the Event name. 

  2. Avoid using contact numbers, email IDs, and website links in the description. Also, make sure the description is at least 250 characters.

  3. Your event strength (enrich event content) should be at least 30% to qualify for submission & approval.

Step 5: You will receive a notification in green that the event has been successfully submitted for review to our QC team.


 This might take up to 48 business hours to review and approve/ reject the request.

On approval, the event would be seen in the "Upcoming Events" category.

In case of rejection, it would still be in drafts with a notification "pending action":

You can check the reason for rejection by clicking on "Rejected" on the left panel on the event Overview Page and can amend it accordingly and submit again:

Important Note: The more information you fill in, about the event, the more will be its visibility on the platform. The recommended strength of the event is at least 90%

It takes up to 48 business hours for our quality team to audit the details entered. The team approves and publishes the event on 10times if the event adheres to our Event Submission Guidelines. You will receive a system-generated email informing you whether the event has been approved/rejected.

Please watch this video for better clarity:

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