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What does the Helpdesk Section have to offer on FLOOR?
What does the Helpdesk Section have to offer on FLOOR?

Know more about Helpdesk on FLOOR

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Our aim is to serve our event community by serving our event participants including exhibitors, panelists and delegates, apart from the organizers. To make their journey on FLOOR easier and seamless, we have a remote helpdesk section, very convenient and of great value for your users.

How you can effectively use your helpdesk, has been briefed below. Refer to your Dashboard and Go to Settings > Helpdesk:

  • You can enable/ disable/ RENAME the section from the hand picked menu or can also keep CUSTOM name.

  • You enable/ disable the default visitor/ exhibitor instruction videos

  • You can add and embed new YouTube instruction video also. To know how to do that, kindly refer to this article

  • Your users can also refer to the FAQs and Tutorials from helpdesk top left options

  • Users can enter organizers private rooms, if they are available to have one-to-one meeting or can even message them

Kindly refer to the GIF image below which will help you understand Helpdesk complete cycle.

You can refer to our Help Video on YouTube also, in case, you want more clarification

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