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How to buy Check-ins for your event on FLOOR
How to buy Check-ins for your event on FLOOR

How to top-up your check-ins for FLOOR event.

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Apart from the check-ins included in any subscription plan, you also have an option to buy extra check-ins (top-up) for your online event.

To know more about definition and usage of Check ins, kindly refer to this article.

Follow the steps below to buy check-ins:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard account and click on the “Credits” in the top bar.

Step 2: You will find two options, one to buy Marketing Credits and second to buy Floor Check ins.

Refer to the second option to buy check-ins and click on ADD CHECKINS

Step 3: A separate page will open which will ask you to choose the package you are interested to buy. Choose a package and Proceed to Pay.

Press Enter. Our team will contact you further with the Payment link and Proforma Invoice.

View Report of Check-ins

You can also check the report of the check-ins redeemed, down on the same page.

Click on the highlighted icon below, to vie complete details of any particular transaction.

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